"Radiant Heating Solutions"

The HSPS190MTH is a multi zone, high temperature integrator panel for radiant heat when zoning by telestats. This panel is designed for Tubing in Concrete emitters such as Embedded Concrete or Staple Down/Pour Over, Baseboards, Radiators, and Staple Up. It features Primary/Secondary plumbing, expansion tank, brass y-strainer, supply and return pressure/temperature gauge, and other components necessary to ensure your system runs correctly.

Multi Zone, High Temp, 190K BTU


Zoning By Telestats

System Views represent a typical system layout and may not reflect how your system is set up. Depending on your emitter type, number of zones or loops, boiler fuel type, and a number of other factors, your system may be different from what you see in a typical system view.

Quick Specs


Sample System Views

# Of Zones/Thermostats: Up to 4


Max BTU: 190K


Emitter Types: Tubing In Concrete, Baseboard, Radiator, Staple Up


Master Supply: 1"


Master Return: 1"


Supply From Boiler: 1"


Return To Boiler: 1"


Max Fluid Temp: 190° F


Zone Panel Required: No


Square Footage: Up to 6000 Sq. Ft.


Telestats/Actuators on Manifold Required for Zoning

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