Hydro-Shark Electric Boilers
Hydro-Shark Electric Boilers
Hydro-Shark Electric Boilers
  • SH-07 - 7kW
  • SH-10 - 10kW
  • SH-12 - 12kW
  • SH14 - 14kW
  • SH-19 - 19kW
  • SH-24 - 24 kW
  • SH-29 - 29kW
  • SH-36 - 36kW

Hydro-Shark Electric Boilers

Hydro-Shark® Electric Boiler is the perfect solution for residential and commercial radiant floor heating systems. Completely replaces a conventional tank heater with no disruption to your comfort and hot water needs. Advanced Flow Control ensures a constant temperature output no matter how great the hot water demand is.

Set the temperature knob on the front cover, and enjoy water between 86–140 °F (30–60 °C). Change the desired temperature at any time. Purchasing a remote selector control is not necessary. Advanced microprocessor technology ensures that the water temperature doesn't deviate from the set point even if flow varies.

The units are electric and require no venting. This allows for more flexibility in the positioning of the units.


• Copper Heating Vessel
• Flow Activiated - .75GPM
• Adjustable between 86 °F and 140 °F
• Advance Element Modulation
• No Venting Required
• Modulation Status LED
• Energy Factor: 100%


2 Year Limited Warranty

Addition Information


    It is necessary to check if your selected boiler works with your electrical panel service size.
Micro-Boilers & Hydro Smart Integrator Panels sold separately. Guide is based on insulating to a R19 in walls, R38 in ceilings, maximum 12 ft. sidewalls, with 2” of extruded styrene insulation around perimeter & under slab emitter and/or 3-1/2” of fiberglass insulation for staple up emitter. For more accurate sizing, a BTU heat loss of the heated space should be considered. ALWAYS CHECK WITH & FOLLOW LOCAL CODES
Note: Micro-Boilers, Integrator Panels, Thermostats, Manifolds, Pipe and accessories are all sold separately. Hydro Smart™ reserves the right to alter product offerings and specifications at any time without notice.