Thermo 2000 Electric Boiler
Thermo 2000 Electric Boiler
Thermo 2000 Electric Boiler
Thermo 2000 Electric Boiler
Thermo 2000 Electric Boiler
Thermo 2000 Electric Boiler
  • mini Ultra 3 kW
  • mini Ultra 6 kW
  • Mini Ultra 9 kW
  • Mini Ultra 12 kW
  • bth Ultra 12 kW
  • bth Ultra 15 kW
  • bth Ultra 18 kW
  • bth Ultra 20 kW
  • bth Ultra 24 kW
  • bth Ultra 27 kW
  • bth Ultra 29 kW
  • bth Ultra 33 kW
  • bth Ultra 36 kW

Thermo 2000 Electric Boiler

Choose the perfect solution for your home - the Thermo 2000 micro electric boiler. With a compact and lightweight design, this versatile system is available in a wide range of performance levels, voltages, and configurations, making it the ideal option for heating single family homes and condos. Installation is a breeze, and you can rest easy knowing your Thermo 2000 boiler offers 100% efficiency and accurate temperature management for a cleaner energy source.

 The mini Ultra has a 1 gallon water capacity while the btu Ultra models can hold 2 - 3 gallons based on the model. Both models come with the UltraSmart Controller which enables user to view the boiler's operation status at a glance.


Features and specs vary by model.


2 Year Limited Warranty

Addition Information


    It is necessary to check if your selected boiler works with your electrical panel service size.
Micro-Boilers & Hydro Smart Integrator Panels sold separately. Guide is based on insulating to a R19 in walls, R38 in ceilings, maximum 12 ft. sidewalls, with 2” of extruded styrene insulation around perimeter & under slab emitter and/or 3-1/2” of fiberglass insulation for staple up emitter. For more accurate sizing, a BTU heat loss of the heated space should be considered. ALWAYS CHECK WITH & FOLLOW LOCAL CODES
Note: Micro-Boilers, Integrator Panels, Thermostats, Manifolds, Pipe and accessories are all sold separately. Hydro Smart™ reserves the right to alter product offerings and specifications at any time without notice.