Low Temp Master Panels

The Hydro Smart panel systems operate on a principal of hydraulic separation between the Boiler circuit and the Emitter circuit (tubing-in-concrete). This hydraulic separation creates the ability to adjust the flow in the Boiler circuit independently from the Emitter circuit while still passing heat from the Boiler to the Emitters. Flow rate for boilers and emitters need be adjusted for optimal heat output performance. These low temp master panels has a BTU capacity of 120,000 with a max temperature of 140° F and is only compatible with tubing-in-concrete emitters. There is one thermostat per zone and you may have up to 4 Zones using 4 thermostats. These are ideal for garages, post frame buildings, basements and smaller spaces.
  • HSPS120LT w/ HS115Plus Gas Boiler