Thermostat, Progammable, Color Touch Screen, works with ZON-0600

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The THM-0600 is a 4 stage full programmable P.I.D thermostat designed for Hydronic and forced air HVAC applications. The large, full colour graphic display with a low profile is easy to read and simple to navigate using the touch screen control. The thermostat features a low power idle mode with a dim screen when not in use. When connected to the internet, the Sensorlinx mobile app allows you to control the thermostat remotely anytime, anywhere.

The THM-0600 is only designed to work only with the ZON-0600 (Zone Control) and utilizes only 2 wires (power and communication) to the ZON-0600. This eliminates the need to pull wire which makes it ideal for retrofits as well as new installations.

The thermostat features multiple heating and cooling modes with the ability to control fan and humidity. The thermostat has two auxiliary inputs that can be used to sense air, floor or both in dual mode.

• 2 Wire Thermostat
• Multiple Heating and Cooling modes
• Humidity Control
• Includes 10' Sensor for radiant heating and cooling
• Full Color Touch Screen Display