Radiant Pro Thermostat

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PROGRAMABLE: 7-day schedule programming electric floor heating thermostat. The weekly program runs in 4 or 2 stages per day, 7 days a week. Interactive touch color screen for easy programming; simplified operating system for easy startup without tedious learning, saving operating costs.

• The thermostat is a Class II device (reinforced insulation) and used for controlling electrical floor heating. The product must be connected to the following leads:

• L/N lead: Connect the power cord using the terminal block.
• L1/N1 lead: Use a terminal block to connect the load line(Max 15A).

Three operating modes:
• Automatic mode: According to the weekly program, the thermostat automatically adjusts the set temperature

• Manual mode: The thermostat runs continuously according to the set temperature.

• Frost protection mode: Range is set from 41℉ to 59℉ (5℃-15℃) in this mode. This mode is used when you want to keep your room at a lower temperature when you are on vacation.