HSPS120MPL Master Panel for Hydroshark Electric Boiler

The Master Pump Panel is utilized when 2 to 4 thermostat zones are required in the system. The panel extracts the heated fluid from the boiler and processes the heated fluid to the Emitter Circuit. Boiler and Emitter circuits have hydraulic separation for independent flow adjustments.

Pair with a pump zoning panel based on the number of zones needed.


• Lifetime Tech Support
• Y-Strainer Isolators
• Hydraulic Separation Between Boiler and Emitter Circuits
• Precision Solder Joints
• Pressure Tested Solder Joints
• Clear Coat Over Copper
• 1-Year Limited Warranty
• Easy Access to All Major Components
• Quick Installation - Save 9+ Hours of Installation
• Works with more than 30+ Boilers - Gas & Electric
• 10 Ft. Power Cord
Shown with Hydroshark Electric Boiler, HSPS120MPL Master Panel, HS1T2TZPMP Zone Panel, (2) Thermostats, 3 Position Manifold and Tubing in Concrete Emitter
Square Footage:  3500 Sq. Ft, 12 Ft. Sidewall
Max Water Temp:  140° F
Max BTU:  120,000
# of Zones:  2-4
# of Thermostats:  2-4
Choose the zoning panel based on the number of zones you will have.  (2) Zones: HS1T2ZZV    (3) Zones: HS1T3ZZV    (4) Zones: HS1T4ZZV